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What is a Live-Streamed Baby Massage Course?

Due to the CoronaVirus Covid 19 outbreak many parents and their little ones have been unable to join a baby massage course as normal. We've had to try and fix this, because Baby Massage is just too good to miss out on!  This course helps those parents stuck at home due to lock-down, tier-restrictions and social-distancing measures to bridge the gap until things are more 'back to normal'. 

This online, live-streamed baby massage course is a series of 6 live (not pre-recorded) classes, held weekly via a video-conferencing platform (Skype or Zoom as you prefer). This format means that your tutor can teach you in real time and can adjust pace and  content according to your requirements and feedback (any technical issues cropping up etc). Each class lasts approx. 40 - 60 minutes. 

As with our face-to-face lessons, your tutor teaches elements of theory using presentation materials and then works with a massage-demonstration doll whilst parents copy the massage sequences directly with their own baby. 

You will need access to the internet to join this class.  It is recommended you do this on a laptop or PC as holding a phone and a baby who is slippery with massage oil isn't easy!

NB: Babies must be 8 weeks + from their due date at the start of their course. 




​What Will I Learn?

The content of our Live-Streamed Course mirrors our normal (face to face) course and guides parents in how to give their baby a relaxing, gentle massage safely.  In addition to mastering easy-to-do massage sequences for each body part, you will also be taught some important theory, such as how to massage safely, the benefits of baby massage, which massage oils are safe for baby's skin, baby reflexes etc.  We will also take a look at massage for alleviating common infant ailments such as colic, teething pain, wind and constipation. 

Classes will be taught by Nina, a fully qualified professional massage therapist with years of experience working in physiotherapy clinics, a hospital and private practice, providing remedial, sport and holistic massage therapies. She is also an experienced and certified baby massage instructor plus the mother of 3 hilarious children.  As this is a live-stream situation, you're welcome to ask any questions you have, as it's a two-way audio throughout private classes and two-way audio at the start & end of group classes.


You'll be emailed weekly class notes for reference as you practice Baby Massage at home between classes and are welcome to email any feedback or questions back between classes.

Once you have completed the course, you might want to request an online 'Graduate Class' (teaching some more advanced massage moves) or a workshop introducing Baby Reflexology which is a great way to continue treating your little one during phases when they become too wriggly for massage.  And, if you wish to, you are welcome to have baby's other parent join your classes so they can also experience the wonderful bonding opportunity that baby massage provides.

Course Review 11/05/2020, by a mother who is also a Pediatric Doctor:

"My 3 month old and I have just completed this fantastic baby massage course with Nina. We did the online course due to Covid restrictions and it suited us so well. I could find a time that suited Emily between feeds and sleeps which made for an even more productive session. Nina is wonderful. Highly skilled, a huge knowledge of massage and babies and I learnt a lot from her. I can see the benefits for Emily and she thrives, enjoying the sessions and being very engaged. She giggles and wriggles and really engages well. I’d love to learn more from Nina and would highly recommend her. She gets 5 star ratings from us."   

Course Options & Prices


1) Private Course


Introductory fee: £90 (for a course of 6 lessons) 

Private live-stream baby massage classes are a real treat, offering you and your baby the undivided and immediate attention of your instructor and constant two-way audio.


The dates and times for your classes will be arranged to suit your baby's general routine and will be discussed and agreed in a follow-up phone call.


2) Small Group Course


Introductory fee: £48 (per baby, for a course of 6 lessons) 

Courses are available for small groups (minimum of 2 adult participants per group).


You will need to pre-arrange the group yourself. Each participant will need to book separately, giving the names of other course-mates in the last part of the booking form.

The dates and times for your classes will be arranged to suit your collective availability and will be discussed and agreed in a follow-up phone call.

NB: Please note that in Group lessons two-way audio is disabled for the massage demonstration (middle) part of the lesson, this is to ensure that everyone can hear the instructor. You will be able to ask any questions at the start & end of the class.

What Happens Next?

+  After applying, you'll be contacted to arrange class dates & times that suit you.


+  Once your course dates are set, you'll be sent details of how to pay for your course.


+  When your payment is received, you'll receive a course confirmation including guidelines about purchasing a small amount of baby massage oil in advance of Class 1 (which you will need to do yourself) and video-conferencing details.

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