A Different Vibe

Here at Richmond Park Baby Massage we appreciate that Baby Massage classes are often a new parent's first foray out in to the world of scheduled 'baby activities', and as such are a special experience shared by you and your little one, something you'll always look back on fondly. We aim to give your course a different vibe to the average baby class... one focused on you as much as on your baby.

It's why we keep our classes small; a maximum of 4 or 5 babies per group, allowing plenty of attention from your instructor. It means you get to know your course-mates and their babies quite well. It means the noise levels are relatively low, so there's less going on to stress out sensitive little ears. It means you have the time and the space to ask questions during your lessons and to chat comfortably with all of your group during refreshments at the end of each class.

It's why our classes take place in a tranquil home-from-home setting. There's a sofa if you want to feed or settle your baby away from where the teaching's happening, there's a changing area with nappy bin, there's a bathroom, indoor pram parking, there are drinks on hand, also fruit teas and snacks, oh, and relaxing music in the background. There are yoga mats and cushions, and also wedges for babies who suffer from reflux and need a little extra positioning support. We have correctly adjusted heating (imagine getting your first ever massage when the air's too cold!) and soft lighting so that your baby is not over-stimulated. The atmosphere here is supportive, calm and relaxed.

It's why our classes are taught by a professional massage therapist with years of experience providing massage in a hospital, physiotherapist clinics and for private patients. She has post-graduate diplomas in various remedial massage therapy forms, and in anatomy, physiology & pathology in addition to the usual Baby Massage Instructor qualification. Your questions will be answered knowledgeably and you will be guided very safely through providing this physical therapy for your baby. As a mother of three herself, your tutor also understands what it's like to be in your shoes.

There's plenty of on-road parking and a bus stop very close by, but if you need extra help to park super-close due to mobility issues or whatever, that can be arranged too, just ask. We want you to arrive in an unstressed state, to enjoy your time whilst here and to leave as relaxed as your baby will be after their massage; that's why we do things with this much attention to detail and with the parent as much in mind as their baby. It's just a different vibe.

Why we offer the best baby massage classes in Kingston
Richmond Park Baby Massage: a Different Vibe

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